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FullturboŽ Lube Oil / Diesel System Flush

The failure of one or more key components or the presence of carbon and/or varnish build-up can severely compromise equipment reliability, especially with large, complex equipment like stationary engines and turbines offshore. When this happens, the associated lube system may require flushing and filtration to meet specified cleanliness levels.

Your PWP Global engineer will ensure that the required Reynolds numbers are met to ensure a complete system flush, and that it meets and or exceeds the cleanliness specification


PWP Global engineers work with offshore maintenance personnel to:

  • Identify critical piping problem areas
  • Develop circulation systems that will have the right flow and pressure to quickly meet the cleanliness specification.
  • Coordinate temporary equipment inlet and outlet connections.
  • Develop detailed flush procedures
  • Systems are cleaned within hours and not days / months


  • Revenue improvement through reduction of unscheduled downtime
  • Reduction in parts replacement and lubricant expenses
  • Lower maintenance labor costs
  • Improved equipment reliability and more effective maintenance control
  • Reduced used lubricant disposal costs


  • Prepare an Engineering Service Report that:
  • Details the Diesel / lubricant treatment steps completed
  • Documents the diesel / lubricant cleanliness level prior to and after treatment
  • Recommends steps to maintain system cleanliness such as routine System Preventive Maintenance
  • Provides an estimated value of the service to the customer
  • Distribute and present the completed report to OIM and key personnel

Process Details

  • Determine Flushing Protocol
  • Select Proper Flush Oil or Diesel
  • Determine Whether System Cleaners are Required
  • Set-up Equipment and Complete Flush
  • Install Jumpers
  • Set-up Flush Rig
  • Document Test Results
  • Take Photos and Complete Contaminant Analysis (Particle Count, Filter Patch)
  • Inspect Filters from Flush Rig
  • Complete Service Summary

Common Opportunity Areas

  • Restricted oficaces leading to reduced flow rate
  • Varnish/sludge buildup
  • ISO Cleanliness outside of OEM specifications
  • Repetitive component failures attributed to lubricant contamination

Safety, Health and Environment

PWP Global engineers:

  • Are attuned to the hazards of handling, storage, and use of petroleum products
  • Coordinate efforts through designated plant personnel
  • Strictly observe the site’s safety and environmental rules and PWP safety practices
  • Verify equipment electrical and mechanical lockout, proper tagging an potential explosion hazards prior to working on equipment
  • Provide recommendations to reduce the hazards associated with spill, leakage and fire.
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